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Aquatop Bushy Aquarium Plant - Dark Green

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Aquatop BushyAquarium, Aquarium Plants allow you to add beauty and realism to your fish tank, without the hassle of caring for live plants! Aquatop synthetic aquatic plants feature plenty of leaves and small nooks for your fish to hide in and explore, promoting healthy, natural behaviors. The Aquatop Bushy Plant is made of fish-safe plastic with a solid resin base to keep it firmly anchored on the floor of yourAquarium, Aquarium .

  • Provides the color of live plants without the maintenance
  • Promotes healthy fish behavior such as hiding and exploring
  • Fish-safe plastic is suitable for salt or freshwater

The leaves vary slightly in color to give a fully realistic plant appearance. All Aquatop plants are designed to last for years with only a fraction of the maintenance needed for live plant life.

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Aquatop Bushy Aquarium Plant - Dark Green