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  • Sku: FR11113
  • Vendor: Fritz Aquatics

Fritz Aquatics Betta Water with Almond Leaf Extract

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Product description

Fritz Betta Water is free of chlorine and chloramines and has been specifically formulated with the correct parameters for bettas. Fritz Betta Water contains a natural source of tannins extracted from Indian Almond Leaves to help create a more natural & healthy environment for your betta. Almond leaves contain natural humic acids and tannins and are known to have antibacterial properties. Fritz Betta Water is also supplemented with aloe vera and vitamin E to help relieve stress and promote healing.

  • Pre-Conditioned
  • Add Fish Instantly
  • Added Tannins from Indian Almond Leaves
  • Promotes Health and Colors
  • Invertebrate Safe

PRODUCT NOTE: ?Add directly to aquarium, no conditioning or additional treatment is required.

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Fritz Aquatics Betta Water with Almond Leaf Extract