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  • Sku: PI62164
  • Vendor: Kaytee

Kaytee Critter Litter

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Product description

Eliminate the mess with Kaytee Critter Litter, the premier potty training solution for small pets. Great for rabbits, ferrets and other small pets, this all natural litter absorbs moisture on contact, and the pearl shape significantly reduces dust production.

  • The sanitary solution for litter pan training
  • Made of natural, non-toxic bentonite
  • Helps reduce overall cage cleaning

Made of all natural bentonite, Kaytee Critter Litter is non-toxic and 99% dust-free. It makes an ideal potty training, clean-cage solution for ferrets, rabbits, and other small pets. Resealable package.

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Kaytee Critter Litter