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  • Vendor: Kaytee

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E-Fun-nels

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Product description

Flex-e Fun-nel is the ultimate ferret exerciser. Flex-e Fun-nel stretches into 8 feet of tunneling fun for your favorite furry friend. Use a Ferretrail connector ring (sold separately in Ferret Fun-nel Maze), to connect two Flex-e Fun-nels to each other. Flex-e Fun-nels attach directly to FerreTrail tubes and elbows creating a playground system for ferrets and other pets. Giving your pet access into and out of their home.

  • Flex-E Fun-nel stretches to 8-foot to create plenty of hiding places and tunneling space for your pet
  • Easily connectable to various FerreTrail products, by using a FerreTrail connector ring (sold in Ferret Fun-nel Maze) so you can build your own playground system
  • Create a maze of tubes for your pet
  • Encourages exercise and hours of fun and healthy playtime for your pet
  • Compact tube expands to a full 8-foot long tunnel for play

Note: For ferrets, rats, or other small animals

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Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E-Fun-nels