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  • Sku: XA7917
  • Vendor: Marina

Marina Betta Pure Tap Water Conditioner

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Product description

Marina Betta Pure Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for your betta by removing harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals found in tap water. Protects fish with a healthy slime coat. Use for new aquarium setups, when adding new water, or during fish transport.

  • Immediately Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, and Heavy Metals
  • Makes tap Water Safe for Your Betta
  • Great for New Aquarium Setup, Water changes, and Fish Transport
  • Contains Goji Berry

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before use. Add 10 drops to aquarium when adding water or during water changes (10 drops treats 1.5 gallons)

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Marina Betta Pure Tap Water Conditioner