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  • Sku: K80052
  • Vendor: Oasis

Oasis Basic Hold-Guard Water Bottle Holder

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Product description

The Oasis Hold-Guard Bottle is a standard bottle guard with hook and loop tape for more secure installation. Metal Oasis Basic Hold-Guards are uniquely designed to hold and protect water bottles against chewing and gnawing damage. New dura color non toxic powder coating.

  • Includes hook-and-loop for more secure installation
  • Protects both ends of eater bottle against chewing
  • Adaptable strap hangs over edge inside aquariums or wire cages

A metal retainer ring flips down to secure the bottle in the holder. Sturdy plated steel construction prevents gnawing animals from damaging the bottle or cap. Use the adjustable strap hanger and bend to fit most cages, carriers, and glass cage habitats. Easy to remove the water bottle to clean or refill it.

Note: Bottles ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose for you!

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Oasis Basic Hold-Guard Water Bottle Holder