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Prevue Multi-Level Hamster Playhouse for Small Pets

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The Prevue Multi-Level Hamster Playhouse is a palatial four-level home for your hamsters or gerbils. This quad-level cage provides plenty of options for healthy activity while also satisfying your pet's natural instincts to explore, hide and play above ground level. Multi-color components include two tunnel passageways, one on each side of the cage, two exercise wheels, a cozy hideaway, three non-slip ramps, and three textured, non-slip, movable platforms. Featuring two access points, this vibrantly colored hamster and gerbil cage have one front door plus one top-opening door. Visually engaging in shades of blue with pink and yellow accents and color-coordinated accessories, the playhouse measures 18 3/8" long (24 3/4" long including the exterior tunnels), 11 3/4" wide, and 27 1/2" high, with 3/8" wire spacing.

  • Provide your pet with a safe, active and colorful playhouse
  • Satisfies your small animal's natural instincts to explore and hide
  • Four-level cage features two access points
  • Includes 3 ramps, 3 platforms, 2 tunnels, 2 wheels and a hideaway
  • 3/8" wire spacing
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Prevue Multi-Level Hamster Playhouse for Small Pets