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  • Vendor: Reptology

Reptology Reptile Thermometer

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Product description

Penn Plax Reptology Thermometers monitor temperature in reptile and amphibian terrariums. The thermometer features adhesive backing for fast mounting, and a large, easy-to-read analog dial with Fahrenheit (0-110°) and Celsius (-20-45°).

  • Monitors terrarium temperature levels
  • Measures Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Easy-to-read analog dial
  • Adhesive back allows easy mounting

Directions: Remove paper backing from self-adhesive sticker. Press firmly onto clean, dry surface. Place thermometer in a central location. For more accurate measurements, use more than one thermometer in different locations. Keep away from direct heat or light from incandescent bulbs.

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Reptology Reptile Thermometer