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Zilla Fortified Food for Adult Iguanas

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Product description

Because an adult iguana has special dietary needs, Zilla researchers formulated a food specifically to suit a mature pets 2-3 day feeding cycle and unique nutrition demands. Zilla food contains the added fiber a mature digestive system requires, along with a tempting mix of plant materials iguanas prefer. Consistency is carefully monitored, since iguanas cannot masticate (chew) food.

  • Custom blended for adult iguanas
  • Sized, ground for easy digestion
  • Handy screw top jar
  • Specially formulated for mature feeding schedules

The blend is topped off with essential minerals for robust growth, vivid color and good health, then packaged in a convenient screw top jar designed for eye appeal on a retail shelf.

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Zilla Fortified Food for Adult Iguanas