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Zilla Premium Reflector Dome Provides Light and Heat for Reptiles

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Product description

The Zilla Premium Reflector Dome is designed to meet higher-heat requirements of reptile incandescent and infrared heating elements. It features a heat-resistant ceramic socket and long-lasting powder-coated finish for superior heat tolerance.

  • Designed for safe use with light and heat bulbs
  • Ceramic sockets stand up under high heat
  • Durable, long-lasting powder coated finish
  • Ready to use...mounting hardware included

Zilla premium incandescent light fixtures are designed to deliver heat or light to reptile terrariums for years. A ceramic socket tops each dome to withstand constant heat. The black powder-coated exterior finish has been especially fired for added luster and durability. An in-line on/off switch is positioned near the fixture for convenient use. Adding a Zilla Power Controller (not included) will allow you to automatically match on/off times to your pet's life cycle.

Premium Reflector Dome Specifications:
60 Watt Reflector Dome is 5.5" Wide
150 Watt Reflector Dome is 8.5"Wide

Note: This is not a clamp lamp. The reptile reflector dome features a spring stand that allows easy mounting on the terrarium screen.

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Zilla Premium Reflector Dome Provides Light and Heat for Reptiles