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  • Sku: RP00196
  • Vendor: Zilla

Zilla Rapid Sense Decor Crocodile Skull

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Product description

Zilla Rapid Sense™ UV Detecting Décor is functional decor with a purpose. This décor features a Rapid Sense indicator area that is located on the underside of the decor that will change color based on the amount of UVB, this will allow you to know when to replace your UV bulb and to ensure your animal is getting optimal UV for their health.

  • Rapid Sense™ indicators detect the amount of UV your animal is getting
  • Featured chart shows recommended UV levels to easily verify with the Rapid Sense indicator color to ensure you animal is getting the correct amount of UV for their health
  • Décor features accents that fluoresce under a black light to give décor an added pop of color
  • Provides privacy and security for your pet
  • Easy to clean, non porous surface
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Zilla Rapid Sense Decor Crocodile Skull