My name is Sky, and I, along with my wife and son, started Scales & Tails Exotic Pets.

We are a family owned and operated online pet and pet supply business.  And before you ask, the answer is yes. Yes, my son was licking the top of my head in this picture.

As a young kid I LOVED to go to the local pet stores. For me they were always the ultimate fun spot. The puppies and kittens were always cool and fun to play with but my real joy came from the excitement and sense of wonder that came from the other animals. You know, the ones found in the darker rooms that were always pushed to the back of the stores.  These were the rooms that housed the lizards, snakes, fish, and other “exotic” small animals that always seemed so mysterious to me.  I was hooked before I even owned my first pet.

I created Scales & Tails Exotic Pets because I LOVE working with animals, I LOVE working with people (as long as your nice, I don’t like mean people), and I love learning from and teaching others.  With over 20 years experience keeping reptiles, amphibians, and fish, in a variety of settings that range from the small carrier with a new baby lizard to a public zoo & aquarium where I swam with 17 sharks every day (and seemingly every size enclosure in between) I’ve learned a lot. If I can help one other person avoid the same mistakes I’ve made and end up with a happy, healthy animal then I’ve accomplished my goal.

Everyone at Scales & Tails is here for YOU.  Ask us questions, talk to us about your setups, tell us how weird your friends think you are for keeping a bunch of frozen rats in your freezer next to the steaks (it’s ok, we keep ours next to the ice cream). We’re here to help you out any way we can so let us know what we can do for you.