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  • Sku: AT02054
  • Vendor: Aquatop

Aquatop Forza 40-80 Replacement Filter Pad

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Product description

Aquatop Forza Replacement Filter Pads are made of strong poly-fiber with premium activated carbon to collect organic debris for easy removal. Organic debris can reduce filter efficiency and cause the buildup of odor and unsightly sludge. These replacement pads come pre-assembled for quick, easy installation and replacement.

  • Fits PFE-9 power filter
  • Removes organic debris from aquarium water
  • Activated carbon helps maintain ammonia levels

Directions: Replace filter insert every 4-6 weeks for optimal filtration. Aquariums with heavier livestock loads may require more frequent replacement.

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Aquatop Forza 40-80 Replacement Filter Pad